Why Would Someone Have a Double CPU Motherboard?

A double CPU motherboard is a board that allows for two CPUs to be installed. These boards are not used as commonly as they once were, but still have some use cases in the server market and specialized workstations. This blog post will explore why someone may want a double CPU motherboard and what it can do for them.

If you’re a computer geek, chances are you’ve been to the computer store and seen those huge motherboards for sale. You might be wondering why someone would want one of these big boards when there’s so many smaller ones on the market. As it turns out, most people don’t buy double CPU motherboards because they think they’ll do more work than their single-CPU counterparts–they buy them because they can run two different operating systems at the same time!

Today we’re going to be talking about the benefits of having a dual CPU motherboard. If you’re running multiple CPUs, you’ll need a motherboard that can support them both. The two most common types are ATX and MicroATX, but there are other options as well.

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